Constros approach enables

Freedom of form

It is because Constros divides building in slices (up to 2 x 5 m) that are printed horizontally in factory, then transported to site and rotated upwards that a much higher degree of freedom of form can be achieved.

Constros wall has


Reinforcement bars are essential ingredients of any vertically curved concrete wall.


Constros prints wall in a rotated position which has an important advantage of allowing to place fiberglass reinforcement bars in such a way that makes wall significantly more stronger after rotating upwards.

Factory based

Robotic printing

Standard industrial robots are easy to purchase and maintain. Constros robot has 3.5m long arm and printing is done at speed of 40-50cm/second.

Constros villa model is

100% parametric

It is not just slicing before print, Constros nature-inspired villa is the product of hundreds of geometric formulas (in picture) that create the building, then slice it into factory pieces, then optimizes print-lines for each piece, and finally generates robotic code. Every single feature of the wall, every print-line is part of parametric model. Constros uses this approach to be able to achieve beautiful/complex shapes as well as to be able to do iterative improvements of design by making changes without redrawing the model.